• Mamuka Beriashvili


The article deals with understanding of two concepts envisaging the level of modern scientific research. They are concepts of recognition and responsibility. Recognition in the philosophical discourse has been understood as an agreement of theoretical act. Epistemic subject relates to the object with the help of imagination and demands that his discussion about this subject should be declared as the truth. The concept of responsibility from German Idealism has undergone changes in philosophical discourse in different directions. It had a moral meaning in Kant's thinking. With its help his actions gain stability in time. Acting subject will be imposed penalty or compensation. Especially in those cases if he won‟t act according to norms. So, the response is in the concept of responsibility. It means that he should respond the charge against the claim or reprimand. The basic juridical meaning of this word is seen in it. Nowadays on the modern stage of researching a problem, Fist‟s philosophy is considered to be the starting point of inter subjective concept in historical recognition of theory according to which recognition is a two sided act of self limitation but the theoretical source of modern debates of responsibility is Kant‟s philosophy. The problem of responsibility is intensively distinguished in philosophical discourse and the sphere of usage. That‟s why we have responsibility for something and responsibility before something.