Hagiography, “Conversion of Kartli”, Geographical area of Caucasia and cultural sphere.


This article dedicated to the geographical points, areas from “Conversion of Kartli” having the special meaning like fiction, whole Caucasian interests, because this places where Saint Nino travelled and chose places for the Churches not only geographical areas, but they are centers having spiritual, cultural and educational meaning just to show the intellectual and spiritual meaning of Georgian nation. All those places played main role in the great moment of Conversion of Kartli. This story fulfils the meaning not only Georgian, but also whole world and between them Caucasian cultural life. From the ancient past, Georgia and its cultural playing main role in Caucasian area. The language of communication between Caucasian was Georgian. The process of Conversion of Georgia, until the end of this was running whole three centuries. Georgia was the first country in Caucasia which claimed Christianity as state religion and for this Georgia become the Christian leader country in Caucasia. On the base of all of this we think the research work dedicated to the “Conversion of Kartli” has its unique meaning from the point of view of socio-political, religion, cultural-literary and linguistic, just clearly define the role of Georgian state, religion and culture in the area of Caucasia. The term “Caucasia” is mentioned only in “Conversion of Kartli”, as a term of regional meaning. Geographical area of “Conversion of Kartli” assume that Georgia was playing the role of Caucasian center as a separate country of Christian East.